It’s not new news, but I’ve yet to write about Governor Bryant appointing Court of Appeals Judge David Ishee to the Supreme Court and State Senator Sean Tindell of Gulfport to replace Ishee on the Mississippi Court of Appeals. Both seem like good picks.

I kind of feel like I know Ishee even though I really don’t. I grew up around the corner from him in Gulfport, but he was a good bit older than me. The only thing I remember about him is that he was a big kid (everyone was a big kid to me) and a constant presence jogging and walking around the neighborhood in those god-awful sweat suits everyone wore working out back then.

I don’t know Tindell and have never had a case with or against him. But I expect he will be fine on the Court of Appeals. Here is my reasoning:

  • Bryant has a history of solid judicial appointments;
  • Tindell spent five years as an Assistant D.A. in an office with a record for producing outstanding attorneys and judges; and
  • people from Gulfport are flat out awesome.

Clearly, I have no home town bias in talking about these picks.

  • Pieter T.

    Don’t know Tindell, but Judge Ishee has been quietly solid on the COA. His opinions consistently apply the law to the facts at hand, and he doesn’t seem to have any particular or overwhelming bias. Fair-minded consistency is the hallmark of a good judiciary.

    While there is always room to quibble, agree that Governer Bryant has been solid on judicial appointments. Probably doesn’t get enough credit for it, actually.

    • Andy Lowry

      Agree re: Bryant, & I don’t think I can be accused of excessively pro-Republican partisanship. Would like to see more women, etc., but hey, that’s not what the voters chose when they picked him.