This post is about Microsoft Office 365. I am not going to explain what Office is. If you don’t know, go figure it out. Chances are, you use it (Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint).

The question you are asking is: why Office 365? The answer is: it just works better.

Emails especially just work better between all my devices.

I’m a late adopter to cloud based software, especially for something like Office that I already have.

It’s on my computer already, why do I need to move it to the cloud? It’s a good question. Here’s the answer: it just works better in today’s multi-device always working from somewhere world.

You may or may not know or remember this, but that Office suite on your computer was not free. You (or someone else) paid for it when you got that computer. It cost maybe $200. It’s good for that computer. Buy a new computer and you’ll need another Office license, unless you move to Office 365. Then you don’t buy the license with the computer and you pay by the month or year.

Each license is good for five devices. That covers office, home, phone, I-pad with 1 extra.

It’s very affordable. Here are the business plans. I am paying about $15 per month for business premium. I probably don’t need the ‘premium’ features, but they add only a few bucks per month.

I get hung up on some picayunish legal tech issues. Do I need a fax machine? Ok, no, but do I need a fax line? Probably not, but I have one anyway. More on this in a later post.

Moving to Office 365 is not something to get hung up on. It’s a no-brainer. Because it just works better.