For the last few months I’ve been using PerfectIt proofreading software for professionals. The software functions as a Word add-in. The software reduces proofreading time for the drafter.

PerfectIt checks for typos, misspellings and formatting inconsistencies. It was programmed by lawyers and knows the dreaded Bluebook. This means it knows the proper abbreviations and where the spaces go in common legal citations. If you want to use this feature you need to set it up for ‘American Legal Style’ once you download the software.

If you are a solo or other attorney who doesn’t have the benefit of a second set of eyes proofreading your documents, PerfectIt is great for identifying inconsistencies that jump off the page at some readers.

If you are an associate at a law firm, you may not be aware of how much typos and format inconsistencies drive partners crazy. When you give them a document with these types of errors, they often think that you are lazy or sloppy. They remember it. You may think that something so minor can’t cost you your job. You would be wrong. Any reasonably priced software that helps clean up documents is worth the price for firm associates.

The current price for PerfectIt is $99 for a permanent license. I understand that the pricing structure will soon change to a yearly license for $70. So now is a good time to buy.