Last week the most popular legal blog in the world (Above the Law) announced a new platform dedicated to legal technology. It’s called Evolve the Law. From the announcement:

As technology and innovation become more and more integrated into the practice of law, and a requirement for lawyers, Above the Law is announcing a new platform for this coverage: Evolve the Law, ATL’s Legal Innovation Center. This Center will be a platform to connect lawyers with technologists, legal-design thinkers, innovators, alternative service providers, and Evolve Law members. It will feature op-eds from the innovation community in law, as well as across industries in healthtech, fintech, regtech.

Attorneys would be rise to follow Evolve the Law. We’re to the point where technology proficiency is no longer optional in the legal profession.

Law schools need to teach it and law firms need to require their attorneys to be tech proficient. Clients are getting tech savvy too and understand that a lawyer who isn’t tech proficient is not efficient and wasting the client’s money.