On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court amended Canon 5F of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Canon relates to actions during judicial campaigns. Here is the Court’s Order.

Here is a post analyzing the decision on Miss. Court of Appeals Judge Kenny Griffis’ blog.

It’s all kind of ‘inside baseball’ to me. But I saw something in the Order that interested me.

Here is the part of the amended Canon I focused on:

….the Commission staff shall immediately forward a copy of the allegation by e-mail or facsimile, if available, and U.S. mail to the Special Committee members and the judicial candidate…

Boom. Faxing is no longer an option. Notice is by e-mail followed by snail mail.

This interests me because I wondered for a couple of years why I still had a fax machine. I’d wander by it every once in a while and see that the only faxes received were spam offering discounts on cruise vacations. [I’ve never been on a cruise].

One day I unplugged the fax machine and waited to see if anyone complained. They didn’t. Still nervous, I opened an account with efax, which basically turns a fax into an email. After several months I’ve received 1 fax. But with this Miss. Supreme Court decision, I feel safe terminating my efax account.

For all I know the Miss. Supreme Court has been waging a war of fax machines for a decade. I haven’t paid attention until now. And I’m glad I did.