In April the Pearl River County Chancery Court rendered a verdict of $188,622 in Yost v. Okoloise. Here is the Opinion and Final Judgment.

Doctors Yost and Okoloise became side-ways while operating a pill mill pain-management clinic in Picayune.

In you’re wondering whether the DEA makes an appearance in the case, the answer is yes. I kept waiting for MBN Director John Dowdy to show up, but then I realized this happened before he went to MBN.

Dr. Yost alleged that Dr. Okoloise stole his patient lists and defamed him by telling patients that he wasn’t licensed. Dr. Yost filed suit with an 18 count complaint.

The Court ruled for Dr. Okoloise on most of the counts. The Court ruled for Dr. Yost on the counts of conversion, tortious interference and defamation.

The Court rejected both sides’ valuation experts and awarded equitable damages of $188,622.

The case is now on appeal.

Manion Anderson and Samuel McHard with McHard Anderson in Hattiesburg represented the Plaintiff.

Clark Hicks and V.K. Smith of Hattiesburg represented the Defendants.

Chancellor Ronald Doleac presided.

My Take:

Properly embellished, the facts underlying this case would lead to an entertaining novel. John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais and Tim Dorsey could write four different entertaining novels based on the facts of this case. It would be lame as a true story compared to what goes on in Florida road-side pill mills.