Here is a preview of the November 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $218,000 verdict- Oxford federal court denial of faculty tenure case covered here (10/27/17);
  • $55,000 verdict- Lowndes County underinsured motorist case (9/1/17);
  • $8,090 verdict- Lamar County County Court underinsured motorist case (11/10/17);
  • $3,437 verdict- Madison County County Court car wreck case (10/30/17);
  • defense verdict- Hinds County medical malpractice case, retrial of this screw-up for the ages (10/6/17);
  • defense bench trial verdict- Hinds County (Judge Green) medical malpractice trial covered here (8/18/17); and
  • defense summary judgment- Oxford federal court negligent bus safety case with pro se plaintiff (10/17/17).

My Take:

This is what an average month of trial practice looks like in Mississippi. General conclusions that can be drawn are:

  • not many cases are being tried;
  • defendants have limited (sub-seven figure) exposure in tried cases;
  • defendants almost always win medical malpractice trials;
  • plaintiffs win low damage verdicts in car wreck cases; and
  • plaintiffs seem to do ok in employment-related cases.