For the last 3 years I’ve been using a 15″ Dell Latitude Laptop as my computer. I dock it with two monitors at the office. It’s never been that fast and has become clunky in the last year or so.

Finally, it started making weird noises. In my experience, if your computer starts making weird noises it’s thinking about crashing. A crashed hard drive is a huge pain. So I decided to pull the trigger on a new computer.

The emphasis would be on speed. I am always on my computer and continuously bounce around between multiple programs,documents, websites and pages. The less time I lose to the computer loading, the less time I waste. I was willing to spend money for speed.

I pulled the trigger on a 13″ Microsoft Surface Book 2. I did not try to save money, going with the 512 gb with the latest Intel Core i7 processor. The price was an eye popping $2,500. But I’m not complaining based on the early performance.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide between a 13″ and a 15″ screen. It may sound like picayunish issue, but there is a big difference in size and weight. It’s a big enough difference to affect a decision about whether to travel with a laptop or an I-pad. I ended up going with the 13″. My rationale is a golf saying: if you’re going to layup, layup.

The graphics look great–much better than on my 10 year old monitors, Dell or i-pad. And I don’t wish I had the bigger screen. A bigger screen just doesn’t help the same way multiple monitors do.

Last week was the typical frustration I suffer when installing a new computer. Getting everything installed and working right never goes smoothly for me. I lost probably 5 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with OneNote. The problem was I was running the scaled down app. version pre-loaded on the computer instead of the full version I get with Office 365.

And I’m still trying to get CaseMap to play nice with the new Adobe DC I’m using because of difficulty installing my desktop Adobe Pro license.

But otherwise, so far so good. This thing is not much bigger than an i-pad, docks with a plug and is super fast. It’s so much faster than my old Dell. I am finally seeing the faster internet speeds that were supposed to come with C-spire internet. I also like the feel of the keyboard.

Another plus in the battery life. My Dell wasn’t holding a charge. I probably needed to replace the battery and the hard drive. The Surface Book 2 is getting great battery life.

The 1 sentence early review of the Surface Book 2: expensive, but fast.