Here is a preview of the December 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $200,000 verdict- Warren County real property/ strict liability case (10/31/17);
  • $25,000 verdict- Forrest County car wreck case covered here (10/30/17);
  • $20,000 verdict- Jackson federal court slip-and-fall case (11/29/17);
  • plaintiff verdict- Hinds County insurance coverage issue (11/8/17);
  • defense verdict- Oxford federal court FMLA retaliation case (11/15/17);
  • defense verdict- Rankin County medical malpractice case (9/29/17); and
  • defense verdict- Hattiesburg federal court copyright infringement case (11/8/17).

My Take:

A lot of lawyers think that I publish or am associated with the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter. I am not.

I have no connection to the publication other than being a loyal reader. It’s a great publication and my personal opinion is that all Mississippi litigators should read it, but that’s it.

On a related point, since MJVR is not my publication, I don’t provide any information from it beyond what’s in the monthly preview, which I post with the consent of the publisher. If I hear about and cover a verdict on my own, I link the post in the summary. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy your own copy to get more information on the reported verdicts.

I don’t respond to questions about the reported verdicts. But the answers are almost always in the MJVR.