Both Judge Griffis and Judge Primeaux have already posted on their blogs this year about Mississippi’s 2018 judicial races.

Judge Primeaux noted yesterday:

I am hearing that there will be a significant number of positions that will come open by retirement or resignation. In my local courts, for instance, one chancery position will be open due to Judge Mason’s retirement at the end of the year, as will one circuit position due to Judge Williamson’s retirement. Another circuit court slot is being held by an appointee who must stand for election, as is one county court position. Of course, all trial judges in office stand for election this year and may face opposition.

When a judge writes “I am hearing“, you can book it. Judges hang out together at judicial conferences and probably talk regularly to trade stories about goofball interesting lawyers practicing in their courts.

Meanwhile, Judge Griffis linked the Secretary of State’s website that identifies who has signed up to run in 2018, identified the 2018 races for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals seats and posted about Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill’s recent announcement that he will not seek reelection.

It will be interesting to see who runs for Judge Weill’s seat. I’m putting the over/under on candidates at 4.

The deadline for signing up to run is May 11. The people who pay the most attention to the qualifier list are probably sitting judges looking to see if they draw an opponent.

I can’t recall another year with this much expected turnover on the state court bench. It should be interesting.