Without re-opening the debate about whether Mississippi is in danger of losing a seat on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, another vacancy looms.

According to this website, District Judge Louis Guirola will take senior status effective March 23, 2018. That will create a District Judge seat in Gulfport.

I have heard nothing about potential candidates to fill Judge Guirola’s seat. But there is undoubtedly a lot of jockeying taking place behind the scenes.

Most of the state political related gossip is on who will run for what in the statewide elections and whether Senator Thad Cochran will finish his term.

Based on what I’m hearing, some of the key players (Delbert Hosemann, Lynn Fitch) haven’t decided what office to run for next. For most potential candidates, the answer is probably “it depends.” For instance, if this person runs for this, then I would run for this.

If Senator Cochran were to step down this year, it would tip the first domino. Or perhaps the second. Congressman Greg Harper announcing he will not run for re-election might have been the first domino. But we will not know until later.