On Wednesday a Lamar County jury rendered a plaintiff verdict of $515,000 in Boudreaux v. Gororth.

Here the Complaint.

The plaintiff suffered injuries in a collision on I-59 in Lamar County.

Here is the jury’s Verdict.

The jury awarded the following damages:

  • $200,000- pain and suffering;
  • $50,000- emotional distress;
  • $195,000- past and future medical bills;
  • $70,000- lost wages.

Ken Altman with Morris Bart in Gulfport represented the plaintiff. David Morrison with Adcock Morrison in Ridgeland represented the defendant. Judge Anthony Mozingo presided.

My Take:

I don’t know anything about this verdict other than the above. It looks like a huge win for the plaintiff. Lamar County’s reputation is that it is an ultra-conservative venue.

But in most conservative venues there is the occasional big verdict. Just like there are defense verdicts in plaintiff oriented venues like Jefferson County. Uncertainty is what fuels settlements.

Ken Altman is a dedicated student of the art of trial practice and tries his share of cases. His name does not surprise me as a plaintiff lawyer who could get a big verdict in a conservative venue.

  • Gulf Stream

    So what happens when the verdict exceeds jurisdictional limits? Automatic remittitur?

    • Bill Dees

      Excuse the earlier incorrect reply. It was County Court. Idk what you do, but I’ll bet remittitur isn’t an option.

      • Macy Hanson

        If you are the Bill Dees from Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, thank you, and your show helped me get through law school. I came to Ole Miss law school from out of state, and Saturday night MPB was one of my rituals – and it still is.

        Btw, the Verdict Form shows that is was a Circuit Court trial. No issue with jurisdictional limits. It would have stunned me if Altman took this case to trial in County Court.

        • Bill Dees

          Thanks,, Macy, but that’s Jim Dees, no relation. The Complaint says County Court. Maybe Ken Altman, a really good lawyer, later transferred it to Circuit Court.

          • Gulf Stream

            Complaint was in County; Verdict Form was in Circuit. Must have transferred it.

            • Philip Thomas


              Philip Thomas

  • Thank you for the very nice write up and comments. The case was originally filed in County court by my fine associate when the injury was not bad. When it became more severe, he transferred by agreement to Circuit Court and I took the lead on the case.