On Wednesday a Lamar County jury rendered a plaintiff verdict of $515,000 in Boudreaux v. Gororth.

Here the Complaint.

The plaintiff suffered injuries in a collision on I-59 in Lamar County.

Here is the jury’s Verdict.

The jury awarded the following damages:

  • $200,000- pain and suffering;
  • $50,000- emotional distress;
  • $195,000- past and future medical bills;
  • $70,000- lost wages.

Ken Altman with Morris Bart in Gulfport represented the plaintiff. David Morrison with Adcock Morrison in Ridgeland represented the defendant. Judge Anthony Mozingo presided.

My Take:

I don’t know anything about this verdict other than the above. It looks like a huge win for the plaintiff. Lamar County’s reputation is that it is an ultra-conservative venue.

But in most conservative venues there is the occasional big verdict. Just like there are defense verdicts in plaintiff oriented venues like Jefferson County. Uncertainty is what fuels settlements.

Ken Altman is a dedicated student of the art of trial practice and tries his share of cases. His name does not surprise me as a plaintiff lawyer who could get a big verdict in a conservative venue.