A couple of weeks ago a Harrison County jury rendered a total verdict of $686,508 in Bell v. Gibson. Here is the Complaint.

The plaintiffs obtained a relatively small loan from Tower Loan that they secured with their house. When plaintiffs fell behind in payments, Tower employees referred them to Mark Gibson. Gibson defrauded plaintiffs out of their home through a scheme of lying and cheating. Gibson evicted plaintiffs from their home and netted over $65,000 in profit.

The jury awarded $186,508 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages. The compensatory damages included the following:

  • $83,508- conversion
  • $50,000- fraud
  • $3,000- trespass.

Here is the compensatory Final Judgment.

Here is the punitive Final Judgment.

Jason Graeber of Biloxi and Matthew Lott of Pascagoula represented the plaintiffs. Jeffrey Hall of Hattiesburg represented Gibson. Judge Robin Midcalf presided.

My Take:

Impossible to read the Complaint and not cheer for the plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys performed a public service by exposing this outfit.

  • Gulf Stream

    Jason and Matt are good people. Good work guys.

    • Philip Thomas


      Philip Thomas

  • Mark F Schierbecker

    Justice served. Lots of scumbags out there.

  • John DuPont

    Wonder why Tower Loan didn’t have to pay anything..They were the ones that started all the thievery..

  • Boley

    FYI, the complaint gives one side of the argument. Gibson sheds some light on his side in an interview with the Picayune item. He claims his intent was to help the borrowers. But that apparently they misread his kindness as weakness and attempted to take advantage of him. A few points in his favor: (1) he bought the loan from Tower Loans and did save them from immediate foreclosure. (2) “they never paid me a penny” (3)He also points out that as a minimum the judge erred in that a county court is judicially limited to $200,000. The court does not have the authority to impose judgements exceeding this amount. Playing lawyer by Google he appears to be correct.

    He also says he plans to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.