On January 11, 2018 a Covington County jury returned a defense verdict in Suchy v. DM Echols.

The case involved Suchy overhauling a diesel engine. Echols paid $11,177.43 for the work. He alleged that he quickly began having problems with the engine and placed a stop payment on the check. Echols’ mechanic found aftermarket parts and other problems with the engine.

Suchy sued Echols on an open account theory. Echols counter-claimed for $13,078 in lost income. The jury awarded a verdict for Echols but awarded $0 in damages, finding that his lost income was speculative.

Plaintiff’s counsel was Al Shiyou of Hattiesburg. Defense counsel was Daniel Ware of Florence. Judge Eddie Bowen presided.

My Take:

When I was younger, I blew a lot of money on shade-tree mechanics by trying to ‘save’ money on car repairs. The last straw was when a mechanic’s junkyard part had the same problem as the part it replaced.

Now I go to the dealership and get overcharged to fix it right.