A developing area that helps litigators are companies that provide cloud based forwarding of federal court ECF notices. At their most basic level, the services download and email ECF filings for your participating cases.

The key benefit of this feature is that it removes the one free look restriction with ECF notices. I hate getting an ECF notice when I am out of the office and not using my computer. I don’t want to open the document because I will blow my one free look. These services solve this problem.

The two companies I am aware of offering the service are CourtDrive and DocketBird.

I have used CourtDrive pacer forwarding for months. Now I simultaneously receive two emails, the normal ECF notice with the one free look restriction and the forward from CourtDrive. I just delete the normal ECF notice and work with the CourtDrive forward.

It also saves the downloads in case folders on the cloud. It cost $10.00 per month.

CourtDrive also has plans that offer more robust features at higher prices. I’ve tried it and liked it, but am not currently using because I was not using it much.

DocketBird recently came on my radar because it integrates with Clio case management software. It appears to work like CourtDrive.

The only downside is that these services are currently limited to federal court. Hopefully, they will eventually add state court coverage.