President Trump nominated Texan Andrew Oldham for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday. Oldham currently serves as General Counsel to the Governor of Texas.

There was a lot of debate in the fall about whether Mississippi lost one of its three seats on the 5th Circuit. I thought we had at first, but a consensus emerged that we hadn’t.

With Oldham’s nomination, there is no 5th Circuit vacancy listed on the judicial vacancies website.

Back in the fall, Senators Wicker and Cochran promised Mississippi was going to retain its third seat.

I’m going to let this one percolate before going nuts.

  • Larry

    Not sure MS has lost the seat b/c the J. Jolly vacancy is still listed on the website. In any event, it’s been nearly a year since J. Jolly announced he was talking senior status. Vacancies in other states have been filled far more quickly. One has to wonder if MS is in danger of losing the seat or if the MS Senators and the Adminsitration are just at odds. Either is big news, and it is weird it hasn’t received more statewide coverage.

  • Nick Norris

    I think that is an appointment to replace Judge Prado from Texas, who was just appointed to be an ambassador to Argentina. So Jolly’s position is probably still open. I am really surprised more news outlets have not covered this issue since it has been open so long, and Trump has been nominating circuit judges at a record pace.

    • Philip Thomas


      Philip Thomas

  • Andrew Neely

    I had missed calls a few months from both Wicker and Cochran’s office that I forgot to return. Ugghhh