Podcasts have changed the way people consume audio. There are more great podcasts available than anyone has time to listen to. If you don’t already listen to podcasts when you are driving or working out, then you are in for a real treat. Podcasts are to audio what DVRs are to video.

Take the podcast for PTI (Pardon the Interruption). Rather than sit through the t.v. show with commercials, I listen to the next morning it driving to work in half the time of the t.v. show. Or Jim Rome’s Daily Jungle. It’s a 1 hour version of a 3 hour radio show.

My best advice is to not listen to podcasts on the podcast player on i-phones. Podcast apps are better.

I listen to podcasts on the Overcast app. It’s free. It organizes podcasts better than the Apple app and has buttons for fast-forwarding and rewinding in 30 second increments. This allows avoiding commercials.

The Legal Talk Network has many legal related podcasts. These are the legal related podcasts I regularly listen to:

  • The Digital Edge
  • Law Technology Now
  • New Solo (the name is a misnomer- it’s more of a legal tech podcast)
  • Mitnik’s Monthly Brushstroke.

Outside the legal sector, S-Town is the best podcast in history. It’s The Wire of podcasts.

Non-legal podcasts I currently regularly listen to:

  • PTI (sports)
  • Jim Rome’s Daily Jungle (sports)
  • The Jim Rome Podcast (sports)
  • The Forward (Lance Armstrong’s podcast)
  • Stages (Lance Armstrong’s other podcast [Armstrong is a podcast talent])
  • The Meb Faber Show (investing)
  • Pod Save America (politics)
  • wealthtrack (investing).

There are thousands of podcasts on all kinds of subjects. Many last for hours with a new episode every week. I have burned out on many podcasts. See, e.g., Bill Simmons podcast.