Lots of stories lately on President Trump having trouble hiring lawyers. All of them incomplete in their analysis.

Yes Trump would be a bad client and yes that would cause some lawyers to not agree to represent him. The key word there being ‘some.’

I’ve seen lawyers fire bad clients. I’ve effectively done it myself when given the choice of their (stupid) way or the highway. (In case you’re wondering–you don’t regret it).

I’ve never seen a client who could pay the attorney not be able to find a replacement lawyer.

So important and absent from the analysis is Trump’s reputation for not paying his bills. Trump’s reputation for not paying his bills extends all the way to Mississippi. Word on the street is he owes six figures to a Mississippi law firm for work related to a possible casino development that never panned out.

Criminal lawyers ask for large up front retainers. Same when it’s a client with a reputation for not paying.

What would the retainer requirement be for a top-flight criminal lawyer to represent the President in the Special Counsel investigation? $10 million? $20 million? More?

What would Trump’s response to such a request likely be?

This is speculation–same as articles like the one cited above. But if reporters are going to speculate on the issue, they don’t need to ignore the possible money factor.