Don’t be the person who takes pictures of documents with your phone. Install a scanner app on your phone and scan documents.

It will make it look like a document–not a picture of a document. It also allows you to easily ‘crop’ (adjust) the image size. It combines multiple pages into one document and automatically uploads it to a cloud folder of your choice.

When I go MC or the State law library I don’t have to make copies or take a bunch of notes. I use my phone app scanner to quickly capture the pages I need. It’s a big help.

My wife loves it because I can scan a document at home and text or email it to her. (I don’t have a home scanner yet).

A phone scanner is a simple tech tool that you will occasionally use that will make your life easier. Don’t be lazy. Install one and figure out how to use it.

And no, this is not a substitute for a real scanner. This is like a doughnut spare tire. You only want to use it when you have to.

I use the Scanner Pro app. It works fine. I’m sure there are others.