Here is a preview of the April 2018 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $80,336 verdict- Harrison County County Court car wreck case (3/23/18);
  • $2,000 verdict/ 75% fault to plaintiff- Pearl River County car wreck case (3/19/18);
  • defense verdict- Hinds County premises liability case (3/21/18);
  • defense verdict- Harrison County medical malpractice case (3/23/18);
  • defense verdict- Lincoln County truck stop negligence case (3/29/18);
  • defense verdict- Oxford federal court gender discrimination case (4/5/18); and
  • defense verdict- Jackson federal court race discrimination case (3/28/18).

My Take:

Plaintiffs went 1-6.

The $80k Harrison County verdict was a plaintiff win based on the information in the reporter. Not a huge win, but a good verdict based on the medicals.

The Pearl River County verdict was a defense win. My calculation is the judgment is for $500.

The jury in the Harrison County med-mal case deliberated for 12 minutes. Med-mal juries are so tough for plaintiffs that you could remove the caps and it would have virtually no impact on med-mal litigation.

Counter-intuitively, to me that’s a reason to not remove the caps. Why stir up the doctors again when it’s not going to matter?

There is no reason for the med-mal non-economic cap ($500K) to be lower than the cap for other cases ($1 million), but the chances of the legislature addressing that are 0%.