The full title of this book is Jury Selection Handbook, The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Jury Selection. Here is the book on Amazon. the authors are Ronald H. Clark and Thomas M. O’Toole.

Clark was a co-author of the Cross-examination Handbook, which I reviewed here.

I agree with this review on Amazon:

It was a pleasure reading Jury Selection Handbook by Professor Clark and Mr. O’Toole. To begin with, it is a thorough treatment of the subject. The 14 substantive chapters touch on virtually every facet of the jury selection process. . . . In addition, the text goes far beyond the rudiments and exposes the reader to advanced techniques. . . . I found it to be at once comprehensive, sophisticated, and practical. . . . this is the single best short volume that I have read on jury selection. It would be a valuable addition to the library of any law student interested in litigation, a neophyte trial attorney, or even a counsel with a middling level of experience.” — Edward J. Imwinkelried, Professor of Law Emeritus, UC Davis School of Law

The book starts with an overview of the jury selection process that covers every facet of getting jurors to the courthouse and in the box. It beats how we did it when I was a baby lawyer: watch and learn.

But the book covers more than basics. It is sophisticated enough to be useful to seasoned trial veterans.

I view this as the best single volume available on jury selection.