For two years I planned to take a 6-week sabbatical in the summer of 2015 to thru hike the Colorado Trail. It didn’t work out.

I had hip problems that made hiking impossible from 2014-2016. It didn’t matter. My wife developed serious health problems that would have pulled me off the trail if I had been hiking in 2015.

Am I thru hiking the trail this year? Unfortunately, no. It will probably have to wait for retirement, hips willing.

I will still be working this summer. But I will be in and out of town, including two weeks on the CT.

So after 9.5 years of regular updates, I am taking a break from blogging.

Look for posts to resume around August 15.

Pictured below is my favorite type of trail. A single track through a mature aspen grove. It’s healing. I will be hiking near where I took this picture, but not on this trail. If you see me in early August with a serene look on my face, you will know I found my spot.

Have a good summer.