Local bar organizations are active twitter users. Surprising to me, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi is now on twitter with regular updates: @USDC_MSS.

The Southern District U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Mississippi Bar, Jackson Young Lawyers and Capital Area Bar are also on twitter:

  • @SDMissBankr
  • @JYLawyers
  • @TheMSBar
  • @CABALaw

I have not been active on Twitter in a while. It got overwhelming. You’ve got these national reporters and newscasters who tweet as part of their brand. They tweet all the time. It’s too much.

Rather than cap characters, I wish Twitter would cap tweets in a 24 hour period. Five would be plenty.

You aren’t going to have much to read in this space for the next couple of months. I will explain in a post on Wednesday.

  • Andy

    One of the best things to do with “firehose” Twitter accounts is to turn off retweets, so you just get what the account itself posts, not what they feel like retweeting. (I suspect most of my own followers do this to me.)