Hike’s over. It was….hard. Hiking 18-20 miles a day above 10,000 feet is tough for a desk jockey from sea level.

You know why there aren’t any tall mountains in this picture? Because this is what it looks like when you are on top of them.

The good news is my summer sabbatical from blogging ends this week. The bad news is I didn’t miss it.

I thought about pulling the plug. The main reason I write this blog is because I enjoy it. The professional benefits are nebulous.

How much do I really enjoy it if I never thought about it while I was taking a break? Do I have anything to say that I haven’t already written? Would my time be better spent elsewhere? These are the questions I am pondering.

I will resume regular updates Wednesday and continue blogging until at least February when this blog hits its 10 year anniversary. Beyond that, the jury is out.