Here is a preview of the September 2018 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $2,208,311 verdict- Lowndes County medical malpractice trial covered here (8/31/18);
  • $235,000 verdict- Madison County negligent misrepresentation case (8/31/18);
  • $175,453 verdict- Jackson County breach of contract case (8/1/18);
  • $32,500 verdict- Marion County car wreck case (8/16/18);
  • $26,400 verdict- Hinds County County Court assault case (6/21/18); and
  • defense verdict- Madison County malicious prosecution case (8/28/18).

My Take:

Big month for the plaintiffs. I don’t recall a month where the plaintiffs had this high a winning percentage.

It will be a long time before someone tops that verdict in a med-mal trial. All the more impressive because of how conservative Lowndes County is. But the verdict is not as shocking as it might seem, as I discussed in the post linked above.

Finally, occasionally lawyers asked me why I didn’t write about their verdict. Usually, the answer is because they didn’t tell me about it.

I don’t scour the court files looking for verdicts. I don’t write about verdicts that I learn about for the first time when it is reported in MJVR. I don’t write about verdicts in cases I was involved in. That applies to the $3.5 million verdict in federal court in Jackson a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t try the case, but I represented a party who settled his claim earlier in the case.

Trial experience is important. More so when people know about it. A trial loss has almost as much reputational value as a trial win, unless the lawyer did a bunch of stupid stuff at trial. No one blames the lawyers for the facts. Food for thought after your next trial.