Ernest Svenson is one of the most well known tech authorities in the legal profession. He has an excellent podcast, a blog and writes many articles on legal tech. He knows what he’s talking about.

In 12 Steps to a Profitable Law Practice, Svenson explains how he gained the knowledge to become a tech authority and offers advice for tech proficiency.

Many attorneys read this blog who basically delegate tech proficiency to staff. That’s a mistake. I know–that used to be me.

Even big firm attorneys need basic tech proficiency. They need it to understand what their staff is doing and so they can do it themselves in a pinch. In 2018, there should not be attorneys who can’t work unless they have staff also working to feed them information.  Also, god forbid they have to leave big law, they will know how to operate their own practice if they need to.

Finally, clients demand it. I don’t know exactly when we hit the day when clients expect their attorneys to be tech proficient. But we’re there.

There is an over-supply of lawyers. If clients expect tech proficiency and you don’t have it, how will that look?