Legal professionals stare at computer monitors all day. Chiropractor officers are filled with legal professionals with sore necks. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I stumbled on a product that does wonders for my neck when working on a computer: the Varidesk Dual-Monitor Arm. It is a monitor arm that easily mounts on a desk and holds 2 monitors. It is super easy to adjust the position of the monitors.

In particular for many people with neck pain, it helps to raise the monitors to a higher height than available with monitor stands. As I write this post, the bottom of my monitors are 14 inches above my desktop. They are also closer to my eyes than I could get with standard stands.

I’ve been using the dual-monitor arm on my Varidesk at the office for two years. When I recently added a full office in my house, I though I could live without one there. That lasted about a week. 

They are easy to install and mount on any desk–not just a Varidesk. The downside is the price: $195.

Yes, that’s a lot for something to hold your monitors. But chiropractors aren’t cheap and sore necks aren’t fun.