Trying to get election results for down ballot races in Mississippi is tough. I watched WLBT’s website last night and early this morning. Now (5:20 a.m.) it’s results are down. And now back up here.

Before I get into it, take all this for what it’s worth. The way results came in for local races has not bolstered confidence that the early reports will be 100% accurate.

Also, I’m not trying to cover every judge race in the state. If you don’t know why, see Rule of Blogging 1.

Mississippi Court of Appeals

Starting with the court of appeals, from the NE Daily Journal, Deborah McDonald has 49.36% of the vote with 408 of 435 precincts reporting. If there is a runoff, it will be against Eric Hawkins.

Also on the court of appeals, David McCarty (49.15%) appears headed to a runoff against Hinds Circuit Judge Jeff Weill (28.36%). Those figures are with 400 of 403 precincts reporting.

Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence was unopposed for Court of Appeals. I crossed paths with Tony in a Miller re-sentencing case I assisted with. He and his assistant D.A.’s were pros’ pros and easy to work with. They showed you can clean someone’s clock in a nice, professional way.

Also unopposed was Judge Sean Tindell, who replaced Justice David Ishee on the court of appeals. Judge Donna Barnes also ran unopposed.

Other Judicial Races

Crystal Martin will replace her mother Judge Pat Wise as Hinds County Chancellor.

In the other Hinds Chancery race, Monique Brown-Barrett (29%) and Tiffany Grove (28%) are headed to a runoff.

Adrienne Wooten (45%) and Matt Allen (37%) will face off in a runoff for Judge Weill’s Circuit Court seat.

In the race for Judge Gowan’s old seat that Judge Joseph Sclanfani now holds, former Hinds District Attorney Faye Peterson (39%) faces Sclafani (27%) in a runoff. Sclafani has done a lot of work to clean up the docket he inherited and has impressed a lot of people along the way. I don’t think his judging days are over even if he loses the runoff.

Judge Tommie Green was easily reelected.

The stunner of the night was that long time Copiah/ Claiborne/ Jefferson County Circuit Judge Lamar Pickard lost a close race 51-49 to Tomika Harris-Irving. Judge Pickard has been on the bench a long time and presided over some of the biggest cases in the history of the state in the Jackpot Justice era. He needs to find a ghost writer and write a tell all book about at the crap he saw.

Pike, Lincoln, Walthall Circuit Judge Mike Taylor won 56-44, after early results showed him behind until at least my bedtime.

In the vacant Madison/Rankin Circuit seat, Dewey Arthur (33%) and Andy Stewart (28%) are headed to a runoff.

Troy Odom (43%) and Mel Coxwell (35%) are in a runoff for a Rankin County Chancery seat I know nothing about.

The Sun Herald has results for Coast races.

Chancelor Sandy Steckler and former Chancellor Margaret Alfonso virtually tied and will be in a runoff. One race shows two candidates with neither getting 50%:

Chancery Court District 16, Place 3

Candidate Percent Votes
Stacie E. Zorn 49.96% 16,562
Mark A. Maples 49.82% 16,515
32 of 32 precincts

That’s it for this report. Congratulations to the winners and losers. My condolences to everyone headed for a runoff. Having to keep running sounds like a fate worse than losing.

If you ran and lost, just remember what Hunter S. Thompson said about people who have the guts to run for public office. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was pretty good.