As reported elsewhere, Governor Bryant announced yesterday he is appointing Court of Appeals Judge Kenny Griffis to fill Chief Justice Waller’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Bryant also appointed State Rep. Cory Wilson to fill Judge Griffis’ seat on the Court of Appeals.

My Take:

Thus concludes the judicial silly season.

I say that because there has been a LOT of speculation about these seats. A few months ago when Justice Waller’s resignation was only a rumor, Griffis was the betting favorite for the Supreme Court and Wilson was often mentioned as a possibility for Griffis’ seat if it came open.

Then Waller resigned and all bets were off. It’s going to be Judge Griffis….it’s not going to be Judge Griffis….it might be Judge Griffis….I heard it all. The most persuasive argument against was that it would make too much sense.

In the end, not surprising. He’s earned the promotion after 15 solid years on the Court of Appeals.

Wilson is also a good choice. He’s practiced law for 20-plus years and paid his dues in the public service arena. I expect him to be engaged and active in oral arguments from day 1.


Chief Justice Waller is barely denying that he is running for governor. That would be a monkey wrench for some other candidates.