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Here is a preview of the December 2018 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $25,000 verdict – Lamar County car wreck case (11/30/18);
  • $17,500 verdict – Madison County County Court breach of contract case (4/18/18)
  • defense verdict – Jackson federal court products (motorcycle) case (12/7/18);
  • defense verdict – Choctaw County tractor negligence case; retrial of case where first trial resulted in $125,763 plaintiff verdict (9/13/18);
  • defense verdict- Madison County medical malpractice case (10/24/18); and
  • defense verdict – George County car wreck case (10/31/18).

My Take:

Both the federal court products case and Choctaw County tractor case are interesting. What I say below is not a substitute for buying a copy of the MVJR for the details.

The motorcycle product defense verdict ended a 5 week trial. That is a heart-breaker for the plaintiff and plaintiff’s attorney. Losing any trial is tough. But one that long and expensive? Wow. I’m hearing a lot of sympathy on the street for those involved.

The Choctaw County retrial was based on the grant of a new trial because the jury’s verdict in the first trial was a compromise verdict. Sounds like the right decision by the trial judge based on the description in the verdict reporter, but things got worse for the plaintiff on retrial.

Another motion for new trial is pending, which I’m guessing will be denied since the trial judge gave a lot of time and thought to what the second trial needed to look like.