With the President’s “I’ll own it” ‘Schumer shutdown’ of the government entering its third week, the federal judiciary is running out of money.

Fortune reports:

Companies that turn to the federal courts to resolve fights with rivals and customers may find themselves in limbo if the government shutdown continues beyond next week.

The system has enough money left over from fees and other sources to run through Jan. 11, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, which supports the judiciary. After that, nonessential workers at the 94 federal district courts, and at higher courts across the country, may have to stay home even as skeleton crews show up — without pay — to handle matters deemed essential under U.S. law, including many criminal cases.

My Take:

Just a guess for you civil litigators out there, but I doubt ruling on your motion to compel will rise to the level of an essential matter under U.S. law. But that’s not my big concern.

Let’s assume–hypothetically of course–that you have cases in federal court. And let’s assume–also hypothetically–that some of your cases have deadlines for briefs or whatnot that run after the January 11 shutdown.

Does the shutdown work like a judicial holiday? So your due dates are extended until the first day the courts reopen?

Just asking for a ‘friend.’