On Wednesday a federal court jury in Jackson returned a $350,000 verdict for the plaintiff in Sturkin v. Patrick.

Here is the Jury Verdict.

Here is the Complaint.

Plaintiff Donna Sturkin alleged Vicky Patrick was her probation officer in drug court. Sturkin alleged Patrick violated her rights by stealing from the store where plaintiff worked and demanding free rooms at the hotel where she worked. Patrick allegedly threatened plaintiff with jail if she did not comply.

When plaintiff did not comply, Patrick falsely reported to the court that plaintiff tested positive for alcohol. That resulted in plaintiff being jailed. The Complaint alleges she was not Patrick’s only victim. Plaintiff sued others, but Patrick was the only defendant at trial.

The jury concluded Patrick violated plaintiff’s civil rights and awarded her $350,000 in damages.

Craig Panter of Madison and Ronald Stutzman of Flowood represented the plaintiff.

Ottowa Carter of Clinton represented Patrick.

District Judge Carlton Reeves presided.