Every day. That’s how often I am targeted in some sort of scam attempt.

The majority of the scam attempts are emails that go into my junk folder that I never see. But plenty make it into my inbox. Like this email received this morning:

We are electronics components manufacturer and distributor located at Saitama-shi, Japan and We would like to retain your firm for litigation matter in your jurisdiction.

Please what is your hourly fee and standard retainer fee? Kindly advise to enable us forward you the adverse party information for your conflict check.

Please if you are not accepting new case at the moment we will appreciate it if you can refer us or forward our message to a business attorney that can handle this transaction for us.

We look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely,

Kunio Hijikata (President & CEO)

Nissoku Engineering Co., Ltd.

620-1, Asahigaoka, 

Hidaka, Saitama-shi, 350-1203 Japan 

Tel: 042-985-2411

Fax: 042-984-4151

Including what goes to my junk folder, I receive some form of this scam attempt several times a week.

I also receive plenty of garden-variety non-lawyer scam emails like:

Dear Friend,

Can you please stand as an Investor to receive funds for investment in your country? 

If Interested, Please Reply To My Personal Email:


Dear Card Member,

A Recent Charge on your Could not be Completed.

Kindly Verify this Immediately. [with a link].


New voicemail from WIRELESS CALLER 14703165505 to Reception Computer.

Received at 24/04/2019 02:01:52 PM (39 seconds). [with an attachment].

It’s no mystery why I (and you) receive so many scam emails. They work. People fall for them. Even attorneys. All the time.

Another big business is what John Morgan refers to as the lawyer trophy industry. Several times a week, I receive an email congratulating me that I’ve been selected to pay a high 3 to low 4 figure fee to join a prestigious list of lawyers.

I’m not talking the American College of Trial Lawyers or Mississippi Bar Fellows. No, the names are a bit flashier, like Top 100 Whoop-ass Trial Lawyers. You make think that is a big exaggeration, but it’s actually quite small.

Going through my junk filter, I’ve received emails selling awards from 7 different organizations this week.

I also receive multiple emails per week offering me the chance to pay internet marketers to send me case leads in my area, re-design my website or perform SEO witchcraft that will result in a huge influx of new cases. The way this one works is that you pay them, you don’t get any cases, eventually you stop paying them and they move on to the next target.

Being a solo is harder than being in a firm. And one of the biggest sucks about it is that solos are viewed as ‘marks’ by so many scam artists and sales people.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Baker Donelson that I didn’t know at the time was I never had to deal with any of this crap. No one ever tried to sell me anything office or business related. I wasn’t a mark because the sharps knew it was a waste of time to target a big firm associate. It was great. And I didn’t even know it.

There has got to be a lot of money in the business of scamming and selling trophies to lawyers. Because a lot of people are doing it.