The Mississippi Bar recently announced an affiliate promotion with Identillect Technologies for its Delivery Trust Email Encryption. The Bar offers a 20% discount on annual licenses and Identillect is currently offering a one year subscription to Bar members for the stupid-cheap price of $25.

I subscribed last week and give the software high marks. I bought the option that ties into Outlook, which I recommend.

Delivery Trust makes it easy to send encrypted emails with extra layers of security. Options include requiring passwords. There are options for retracting emails, preventing recipients from forwarding or printing emails and making an email inaccessible to the recipient after a set amount of time. It also tells you exactly when the recipient read an email.

From the Bar’s website:

As cyber-security concerns have become more ethically relevant for attorneys when communicating digitally, it is essential MS Bar Members have access to secure communication products at an affordable price.  The Mississippi Bar is proud to be the 7th state Bar to partner with Identillect Technologies, a well-respected company which provides simple, secure communication methods which plug directly into your existing email platform, including Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail, and more.

Identillect’s services ensure total security and control over sensitive email communications, for both outbound and inbound email. Features of the service include unlimited secure email communication; the ability to restrict forwarding/printing of emails; full read receipt and retraction capabilities; easily customizable security settings; and much more. Click here for more information about getting started with Identillect today, and check the Bar’s CLE calendar for upcoming cyber-security lectures.

There are YouTube videos explaining the software on the Bar’s website.

I had a few issues with installation. Support was immediate and solved my problems.

Encrypted email is probably unnecessary for most garden variety communications. But sometimes, it’s nice to have. And sometimes you really need it. Particularly when your client prefers it.

Delivery Trust merits a close look for attorneys wiling to practice with 21st century tech.