For readers who don’t know me, that post title….it’s called sarcasm. I posted many times that Mississippi lost this seat.

I was wrong that Mississippi would lose the seat. But I was not making up what I posted.  I heard more specific information I didn’t post that backed it up. I believe Texans were after the seat and sponsored unfair attacks on Mississippi candidates, including, but not limited to, Judge Ozerden.

I’m proud of Senators Wicker and Hyde-Smith for getting this nomination approved by the President. I’m sure it involved a lot of behind the scenes politicking.

A nomination is not a confirmation, so I’m not going to count it as one. The Senators now have to secure the confirmation.

But the prospects of a 5th Circuit Judge from Gulfport is a big deal for my hometown–a much bigger deal than people not in the legal profession probably realize.

Best I can tell, Judge Ozerden would be the first 5th Circuit Judge from the Coast. That’s a big deal for a region of the state that often feels looked down upon by folks north of, what? Hattiesburg?

It’s a fitting reward for someone with the education and credentials that Mississippi usually loses in ‘brain drain.’