Here is a preview of the June 2019 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $3,391,500 verdict- Jackson federal court racial discrimination case covered here (5/14/19);
  • $1,468,000 verdict- Harrison County premises liability case (5/24/19);
  • $1 million verdict- Hinds County civil rights case reported here; (5/21/19);
  • $339,104 verdict- Washington County car wreck case covered here (5/16/19);
  • defense verdict- Clay County negligent security case (5/2/19);
  • defense verdict- Lamar County medical malpractice case (5/21/19); and
  • defense verdict- Warren County premises liability case (5/24/19).

My Take:

Wow on the Harrison County premises verdict. It included $1 million in punitive damages against JC Penny. I hadn’t heard about it. That’s impressive. Congratulations to Plaintiff’s attorney Mariano Barvie and his firm.

It’s about that time of the year for me. The mountains are calling, my daughter has to get to and from camp and my wife is gearing up for the crucial 6-minute walk test at Mayo.

I expect this to be my last post until sometime in August.