Here is a preview of the September 2019 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $3.5 million verdict- Harrison County truck negligence case covered here (8/20/19);
  • $625,000 verdict- Yazoo County truck negligence case (7/16/19);
  • $186,400 verdict- Neshoba County workplace negligence case (7/3/19);
  • $2,500, $2,500 verdicts- Pike County car wreck case (7/24/19);
  • defense verdict- Hattiesburg federal court employment retaliation case (8/21/19); and
  • defense verdict- DeSoto County car wreck case (8/6/19).

My Take:

Based on the info. in the reporter, I give the plaintiffs an overall record of 2-2-2 in these six trials. The wins were the Yazoo and Neshoba verdicts. You can figure out the rest.