Here is a preview of the October 2019 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $2,107,351 verdict- Harrison County medical malpractice case covered here (9/6/19);
  • $300,000 verdict- Harrison County underinsured motorist case (8/26/19);
  • $30,000 verdict- DeSoto County real estate agent negligence case (9/6/19);
  • directed verdict- Hinds County premises liability case (9/4/19);
  • defense verdict- Jones County workplace negligence case (9/26/19); and
  • defense verdict- Jackson County roadway negligence case (7/19/19).

My Take:

You see the filings. You see the verdict reports. And you wonder: how can there still be so many people making a living practicing law in Mississippi?

  • Macy Hanson

    I work with co-counsel in other states to file as many cases in other jurisdictions as I can, to be honest. Especially consumer, potential class action, or employment cases. I asked one of the top attorneys in the national plaintiffs’ bar for some advice following a conference, and his main pointer to me was: “file in blue states.”

    Smart man – and good advice. I do think that the low cost of living in Mississippi also helps offset some of the difficulties for plaintiffs’ attorneys in the state.

    • Philip Thomas

      This affects defense lawyers too. Plaintiff lawyers have small practices and can be more nimble.

      It’s really hard for regional firm defense lawyers whose firm will not let them accept market rates. Some of them are the ones who are taking the biggest hits over the last few years. They get incremental raises every year, raise their standard of living incrementally and keep living paycheck to paycheck. Then one day they get laid off or have their shares cut and it results in a 50% pay cut. It’s a big adjustment.