Only legal tech nerds like me know there is actually a legal industry specific keyboard. But for many, the fact it wasn’t wireless was a deal-breaker. No more.

Bob Ambrogi reports that the LegalBoard now has a wireless model. So if you go out tonight and see a bunch of lawyers celebrating, don’t assume they had a big trial win. Maybe they just got their wireless LegalBoards.

You may ask, who cares? Apparently, lots of folks. Ambrogi writes:

“Never in my 14 years of blogging and more than two decades of covering legal technology have I seen the legal world react to a new product as it did this week to the LegalBoard, a keyboard designed for lawyers.”

That is what I wrote in 2017 after I published a blog post announcing the LegalBoard, a keyboard designed for lawyers by a lawyer. Hits to that post went through the roof, far exceeding any post I’d ever published.

Thus proving the axiom that many lawyers can’t see the forest for the trees.

I guess I’m going to have to see it in action before I buy into the hoopla. It’s an awfully wide keyboard, which isn’t great for shoulders and arm tendons.

Plus, I know how to insert the dreaded symbols ¶ and § in Word. Footnotes are no problem either–it’s on my shortcut bar.

If anyone has one, please leave a comment on whether you like it.

  • Madison Taylor

    I have one (wired) and it really is handy. I have shortcut keys programmed for the section symbol and the paragraph symbol in Word for my generic keyboard, but the LegalBoard does more. The LegalBoard lets you toggle spacing, small caps, italics, bold, underline, et al. There are also shortcut keys for common things like court, Id., court of appeals, supreme court, some citation signals (see and e.g.), plaintiff, and defendant.

    The trick is, using the LegalBoard slows you down at first. Initially, it is quicker to type “See” than to find the “See” key. But once you program yourself to use the keys it does seem to increase efficiency. That said, I am not sure if one would reach a point of “I could never go back to a regular keyboard.”

    (With apologies to Mr. Thomas) My take: LegalBoard does modestly increase efficiency once you learn to use it. Moreover, it is a cool toy if you like such things.

  • James Boroznoff

    I just bought one of these wireless legalboards and I received it today! I’m not a lawyer, but I am a paralegal who types a lot. I got the wired version when it came out a couple years ago, and I really liked that one as well. This one has a few extra symbols which I probably will not use, but what got me to get the wireless version, was that the wireless version has more of a chiclet-style key layout. Up until now, I only used mechanical or mechanical like keyboards because I’ve always been a plurist. But I also have recently developed carpal tunnel in my hands and this keyboard allows me to press softer, so I think it would be more comfortable if one has to write a lengthy document (once I get used to it, that is). It also comes with a free wireless mouse, and well, I am indifferent to the mouse, but hey, it’s free so, why not? All in all, I would recommend!