Thinking about going paperless but don’t know how? Sam Glover’s post on the Lawyerist blog explains how.

Glover opens with a salient point: if you haven’t already gone paperless, you will.

If you aren’t paperless already, you need to catch up.

When you are ready to leave paper (mostly) behind, use [Sam’s] guide to get started.

The Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are paperless. Federal courts are paperless. The system just works better.

You can still print documents when you have a ‘paperless’ office, and you will. But you don’t have to and you will always be safe throwing paper in the trash once it’s scanned and filed. Most importantly, you will spend a fraction of the time looking for stuff.

And for God’s sake, don’t be the person in your firm who is keeping everyone else from going paperless.