I’ve got two tips and an announcement in this post. First, the announcement.

After eleven years, I’ve decided to stop blogging. In retrospect, it’s past time. I’ll explain why in my last post.

The last post could be my longest ever. I plan to discuss the evolution of my views of Mississippi litigation. I view things a lot differently than I did eleven years ago. I will explore why in the last post.

It will take me a while to organize my thoughts and get it on paper. My goal is to publish the last post on March 2, but I may grant myself and extension.

The two tips are:

  1. install Sanebox email management to gain control over your inbox; and
  2. read the book The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway. It’s my new favorite book and the first paragraph in the first (non-introduction) chapter is the best summary for how life changes between 25 and 45 I’ve ever read. I wish I could have read it when I was 25 or 30.