5th Circuit Court of Appeals

President Trump announced his nominations for the vacant seats on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday. The slots are going to two Texans and two Louisianans. This apparently includes the seat held by the retiring Judge Grady Jolly, whose chambers are in Jackson. Louisiana gained a seat.

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Mississippi’s economy got some terrible news last week with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversing the District Court on standing grounds and upholding the homophobic House Bill 1523. Regardless of what you think of H.B. 1523, it is undeniably bad for the economy. Just ask North Carolina, which repealed its homophobic law after it

I recently had an interesting conversation about the potential domino effect that could be created by the President’s nomination to fill the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seat held by Judge Grady Jolly, who will retire in October.

Everyone I’ve talked to expects the nominee to be a current District Court judge. If so, that

Jimmy Gates with the Clarion Ledger reported a few weeks ago on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals affirming a 2014 bench trial verdict of $6.49 million by U.S. District Judge Daniel Jordan. The case was tried for three weeks in 2014 and involved ERISA breach of fiduciary duty claims.

Here is the 5th Circuit’s

Over the weekend I read Judge Reeves’ entire opinion in which he issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the enactment or enforcement of HB 1523. It’s not a good look for Governor Phil Bryant and the state’s right-wing leadership.

Here are some key and interesting points from Judge Reeves’ opinion:

  • the State can’t promote one religious