Alienation of Affection Lawsuits

The January 2014 edition of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter has been released. Here is a preview of the edition, which reports on the following verdicts:

  • $182,000 verdict- Jackson federal court employment contract case reported here;
  • $150,000 verdict- Rankin County alienation of affection case;
  • $64,750 verdict- Hinds County underinsured motorist case;
  • $25,000 verdict-

The Senate bill that sought to abolish the alienation of affection cause of action is dead. Randy Wallace has the story on his blog.

Theoretically, the Mississippi Supreme Court could still strike the action on legal grounds such as the murky causation and damages elements of an alienation of affection claim. But no one

The October issue of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter covers the $36 million verdict in Jasper County mentioned in this post. The plaintiff suffered a skull fracture and severe brain injury when injured while working on an oil rig.

The jury awarded $9 million in economic damages to the victim and $18 million in

The Miss. Court of Appeals settled an age old question last week: it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught(within 3 years)—at least not when it comes to getting sued. Here is the Court’s opinion in Cheated on vs. Dude Who Cheated with Spouse.


Yep. It’s another alienation of affection case. The relevant