Appellate Decisions From Jury Verdicts

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and rendered a $13 million judgment in American Optical Corporation v. Rankin. This was a Jefferson County silica case where the date of the judgment was February 24, 2015.

The Court reversed on a statute of limitations issue. The plaintiff filed suit in 2013. Defendant argued that

On Thursday a unanimous Miss. Supreme Court affirmed a 2014 jury verdict of $644,000 in Murphy v. State of Mississippi.

The plaintiffs alleged that the State took their property for public use without formal condemnation proceedings and without compensating plaintiffs. The State argued that the property in question was public tidelands.

The jury agreed

On Tuesday the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed a $1,095,000 Hinds County jury verdict in Barnett v. Miss. Valley Silica Co.

Here is my brief post in October 2012 reporting on the verdict.

The decedent worked near sandblasting at Miss. Iron and Steel Co. on High Street in Jackson. He alleged that Valley Silica failed

The Mississippi Court of Appeals decided the much ballyhooed caps case on Tuesday. Here is the Court’s decision in Emergency Medicine Associates of Jackson v. Glover.

As predicted, the Court never got to the issue of whether Mississippi’s caps on non-economic damages are constitutional.

This was a Hinds County medical malpractice case where

On Thursday a unanimous Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed a jury verdict of $484.141.98 in Robinson v. Corr.


This was a medical malpractice case. In 1998, Regina Corr gave birth at Gulfport Memorial Hospital. Her OB/GYN (Dr. Charles Robinson) delivered by C-section. During the procedure, Regina’s uterus was lacerated, requiring repair.

A urology consult

Back in 2009, I mentioned a modest $100,000 plaintiff verdict in a Smith County rear-ender. The Circuit Court later granted plaintiff’s motion for a new trial. The jury rendered a $250,000 verdict at the re-trial.

The defendant appealed and argued that the trial court should not have granted the new trial. The Court of Appeals

In addition to the Miss. Supreme Court’s big decision in Eaton v. Frisby last week, the Court also issued decisions in several other big civil cases.

The list includes:

  1.  Estate of Bloodworth v. Illinois Central R.R.: affirmed summary judgment in Tallahatchie County wrongful death crossing accident case;
  2. Mitchell Crane Services v. Page: reversed

As mentioned last week, mega firm Baker & McKenzie won a reversal on causation and damages last week of the $103 million Jones County legal malpractice verdict against the firm. Now for the bad news for Baker & McKenzie.

Justice Pierce wrote the majority opinion. All nine Mississippi Supreme Court Justices agreed that the