Attorney Mental Health

Something the Mississippi Supreme Court and Mississippi Court of Appeals have right is how they release opinions.

The Supreme Court issues opinions at 1:30 pm. every Thursday except for a few weeks a year (holidays, bar convention). The Court of Appeals issues its decisions at 1:30 pm. on Tuesday. I don’t know if they are

A lot of attorneys have shared their stories with me since I started writing here about issues related to attorney mental health. There are two things I hear the most:

  • practice-related anxiety is common–maybe even prevalent–but it’s not something lawyers like to admit to experiencing;
  • lawyers have sleep problems.

The sleep problems that I hear

Last  week a friend emailed me this CNN article about this Journal of Addiction Medicine Article regarding substance abuse and mental health problems in the legal profession. From the CNN article by Patrick Krill, lead author of the study:

The law has always been a magnet for hard-working, self-reliant, and competitive people who often prioritize

If you read a lot of different sources on a given subject, you start to see patterns. One pattern I’ve noticed when reading veteran lawyers talking about practicing law is the pervasiveness of fear in the legal profession.

Most lawyers would be afraid to admit that fear is a constant companion in their practice. Probably,

A Business Insider article last week examined why so many lawyers are unhappy with their jobs. Reasons given included:

  1. crippling student debt
  2. it’s depressing
  3. lawyers must be cynical
  4. it’s boring
  5. it’s not fulfilling; and
  6. billing time sucks.

My Take:

All  these reasons have merit–at least from a litigation attorney’s perspective. I’ve always assumed that non-litigators