Mississippi Court of Appeals

On December 23 Governor Bryant announced the appointment of Court of Appeals Judge Jimmy Maxwell to fill Justice David Chandler’s seat on the Mississippi Supreme Court. Here is the Clarion-Ledger article on the appointment.

Judge Primeaux explained the back story on his blog last week:

Chandler’s resignation earlier this month, to assume leadership of the

Back in 2009, I mentioned a modest $100,000 plaintiff verdict in a Smith County rear-ender. The Circuit Court later granted plaintiff’s motion for a new trial. The jury rendered a $250,000 verdict at the re-trial.

The defendant appealed and argued that the trial court should not have granted the new trial. The Court of Appeals

Ever since Edward Sanders ended his Bottom Line service, there has been a glaring need for a free blog devoted exclusively to Miss. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions. A few weeks ago, Jackson lawyer Jane Tucker launched her Jane’s Law Blog, which fills this void.

Readers who enjoy this blog and other

On Tuesday a unanimous Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed a $390,000 Washington County bench trial verdict in Delta Regional Medical Center v. Taylor. Here is the Court’s opinion.

The plaintiff in the case alleged that the Delta Regional E.R. physician failed to diagnose a stroke. As a result of the failure to diagnose