Regular readers of this blog will notice that the layout has changed. The reason for the new layout is so the blog is mobile friendly and can be easily read on smart phones.

Truthfully, updating to a mobile friendly blog layout was not a priority for me. Lexblog, which hosts my blog, updated the site

Every day. That’s how often I am targeted in some sort of scam attempt.

The majority of the scam attempts are emails that go into my junk folder that I never see. But plenty make it into my inbox. Like this email received this morning:

We are electronics components manufacturer and distributor located at Saitama-shi,

Most Michael Cohen/ Donald Trump stories call Cohen Trump’s former fixer. That worries me.

If there’s anything solo and small firm lawyers don’t need, it’s more people calling wanting a lawyer to fix their problem.

Most people aren’t Donald Trump. Regular people with regular problems have to fix their own problems. A lawyer can’t fix

Above the Law posted about Michelle Obama telling Oprah how great being a lawyer was how terrible document review is:

…she preaches about the soul-crushing nature of document review. “I was doing document production in Washington, D.C., and I was like, ‘I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I can’t sit in