In January I announced I would stop blogging after a final post. Maybe I’ll start back later, but that’s not the current plan.

I have practiced law for 26 years. When I started this blog 11 years ago, I planned to practice for 50 years. I won’t make it. This post is a self-exploration of

I’ve got two tips and an announcement in this post. First, the announcement.

After eleven years, I’ve decided to stop blogging. In retrospect, it’s past time. I’ll explain why in my last post.

The last post could be my longest ever. I plan to discuss the evolution of my views of Mississippi litigation. I view

Jimmie Gates with the Clarion Ledger penned an excellent article on attorney advertising over the holidays.

The article prominently features Richard Schwartz, the godfather of lawyer advertising in Mississippi. Besides the article, I recommend watching the accompanying video interview of Schwartz on the digital version linked above.

Schwartz spends “well over $1 million a year

Zero Hedge ran this post last week about most Americans not being able to afford lawyers. It’s not an unusual take.

Stories like these suggest the problem is attorneys have priced themselves out of the market. I disagree. The problem is the civil justice system is not equipped to solve most people’s legal problems.


As widely reported on Jackson Jambalaya and elsewhere, multiple metro area homeowners associations are accusing Ridgway Lane of embezzlement. Most of these homeowners associations have filed suit against Ridgway Lane. I wish them luck.

There is a good rule of thumb when it comes to lawsuits involving embezzlement. The rule is: you can’t recover from

Regular readers of this blog will notice that the layout has changed. The reason for the new layout is so the blog is mobile friendly and can be easily read on smart phones.

Truthfully, updating to a mobile friendly blog layout was not a priority for me. Lexblog, which hosts my blog, updated the site

Every day. That’s how often I am targeted in some sort of scam attempt.

The majority of the scam attempts are emails that go into my junk folder that I never see. But plenty make it into my inbox. Like this email received this morning:

We are electronics components manufacturer and distributor located at Saitama-shi,