Most Michael Cohen/ Donald Trump stories call Cohen Trump’s former fixer. That worries me.

If there’s anything solo and small firm lawyers don’t need, it’s more people calling wanting a lawyer to fix their problem.

Most people aren’t Donald Trump. Regular people with regular problems have to fix their own problems. A lawyer can’t fix

Above the Law posted about Michelle Obama telling Oprah how great being a lawyer was how terrible document review is:

…she preaches about the soul-crushing nature of document review. “I was doing document production in Washington, D.C., and I was like, ‘I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I can’t sit in

Altman Weil recently released: 2018 Law Firms in Transition, an Altman Weil Flash Survey.

From the introduction, comparing today to 2009 during the Great Recession:

The threat in 2018 is broader and more nuanced, arising primarily from the sweeping force of technology evolution over the last two decades that has resulted in the commoditization and

Hike’s over. It was….hard. Hiking 18-20 miles a day above 10,000 feet is tough for a desk jockey from sea level.

You know why there aren’t any tall mountains in this picture? Because this is what it looks like when you are on top of them.

The good news is my summer sabbatical from blogging

For two years I planned to take a 6-week sabbatical in the summer of 2015 to thru hike the Colorado Trail. It didn’t work out.

I had hip problems that made hiking impossible from 2014-2016. It didn’t matter. My wife developed serious health problems that would have pulled me off the trail if I had