Improving the Jury System

Judges might be appalled to know how much parties theorize that the judge ruled against them because “the other side got to the judge” or “the fix was in.” It doesn’t happen all the time. But it’s not particularly unusual either.

People don’t like to contemplate that their side was wrong on an issue or

The Atlantic reported this week on elected Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett speaking out against the elected judicial system. Here are some of Justice Willett’s comments:

The ACS study raises difficult and consequential questions, familiar questions that frankly can’t be raised enough. A former Texas Governor, Sull Ross, once said, “The loss of public

As discussed at TBA last week, on Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed and remanded a 2011 jury verdict of $1 million in a Hinds County case. Plaintiff alleged medical malpractice against Dr. Charles Laney. Here is the Court’s opinion in Laney v. Vance.

The facts of the case were not important for