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Revamp Law School Curriculum? Not So Fast

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System, Law School
Should law schools change their curriculum? That was the focus of a New York Times editorial on Friday. The editorial states: Instead of a curriculum taught largely through professors’ grilling of students about appellate cases, some schools are offering more apprentice-style learning in legal clinics and more courses that train students for their multiple future roles… Continue Reading

Jury Misconduct in Merchant v. Forest County Family Practice Clinic Indicative of Larger Issues

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System, Mississippi Supreme Court
On Tuesday I wrote about the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision in Merchant v. Forest Family Practice Clinic. The Court reversed a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case and remanded the case for a new trial. This is not really the subject of this post, but it’s worth noting that historically the Court does not reverse many defense… Continue Reading

Mississippi Should Consider Jury Reforms Similar to Those Adopted in Michigan

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System
A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal Law Blog wrote about jury reforms adopted by the State of Michigan. Here is the article.  Here is a link to the actual reforms that the Michigan Supreme Court adopted. Key provisions in the Michigan reforms include: before evidence is presented the trial judge shall provide the jury with… Continue Reading

Jurors on “The Twitter”

Posted in Improving the Jury System, Legal Technology
The ABA Journal reports on a Reuters Legal finding that mistrials due to internet research and modern forms of communications by jurors is on the rise.   The article states:  Reuters Legal checked Westlaw for challenges related to jurors’ Internet conduct and found 90 verdicts called into question since 1999. More than half the cases are from… Continue Reading