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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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Hoopla Over 53% Bar Passage Rate

Posted in Law School
There was a front page article yesterday in the Clarion-Ledger about the 53% passage rate in Mississippi for the July Bar Exam. It opens: Entering the legal profession in Mississippi is once again proving difficult for those seeking to become a licensed attorney. The July Mississippi bar exam results released last week showed about 53 percent of… Continue Reading

Above the Law: Mississippi Has a Lawyer Shortage

Posted in Law School
On Monday I wrote about an Above the Law article that portrayed Mississippians as dumb. I wasn’t a fan. But my biggest complaint was the article’s suggestion that there is a shortage of attorneys in Mississippi: Mississippi is a state that desperately needs attorneys. According to the Mississippi Access To Justice Commission, almost 700,000 people… Continue Reading

Tough Choices for Mississippi College

Posted in Law School
The following is a guest post by Jackson attorney Ken Walley. It was drafted on the heels of the recent Clarion-Ledger article extolling the virtues of a law degree that this blog covered here. Dean Rosenbatt retired at the right time. The collapse in demand for law degrees is hitting Mississippi College hard. 2011 saw… Continue Reading

Curing the Law School Debt Crisis

Posted in Law School
Saturday the New York Times ran this editorial on “The Law School Debt Crisis.” The editorial focuses on for profit Florida Coastal School of Law, which the Times labels a ‘scam.’ As for the cause of the crisis, the Times points to the 2006 extension of the federal Direct PLUS Loan Program, which allows law… Continue Reading

Are you Sure you Want to Go to Law School?

Posted in Law School
A lot of articles I read about practicing law or law school aren’t that great because the author doesn’t seem to understand the subject matter very well. I can’t say that about this article by Amanda Taub titled 7 reasons you shouldn’t go to law school. Ms. Taub went to law school and practiced law.… Continue Reading

Law School Applications Down 50% from Peak

Posted in Law School
The Washington Post ran this article last week on the decline of law school enrollment. From the article: Nearly 46,000 people have applied so far to go to an accredited U.S. law school in the most recent admissions cycle, a figure that puts applications on track to hit just short of 53,000 total. By comparison,… Continue Reading

Another Misleading Article Touting Law School

Posted in Law School
Law school administrators and teachers are notorious for overselling the benefits of law degrees. I don’t like it because: (1) they have a vested interest in maintaining law school admission levels; and (2) they often have distorted misconceptions about life in the real Better Call Saul world of the legal profession. So not surprisingly, I… Continue Reading

Law Schools Cooking the Books on Employment Data?

Posted in Law School
It’s generally assumed that law schools cook the books when reporting employment data for recent graduates.   The Wall Street Journal recently reported that new measures are aimed at keeping law schools honest: U.S. law schools face renewed scrutiny over claims about their ability to find work for their graduates, a crucial selling point amid… Continue Reading

Is Choosing a Law School Now Like Buying a Used Car?

Posted in Law School
The New York Times reported this week that law schools are desperate for students. From the article: Summer was waning and students were already packing for the fall semester, but Prof. Daniel B. Rodriguez, dean of the Northwestern University School of Law, was still fielding phone calls from incoming students seeking to bargain down the… Continue Reading

Mississippi Legal Job Market Data Called into Question

Posted in Law School
On this Linkedin post, Kristin Flierl (career services director at Ole Miss Law School), says the Mississippi job market statistics that I wrote about this week are inaccurate. Flierl writes: Recently, information regarding the legal job market in Mississippi was published by American Lawyer magazine. Though we appreciate their effort to report candidly our state’s… Continue Reading

How Bad is the Legal Job Market in Mississippi?

Posted in Law School
Blogs are blowing up today with the Atlantic article about the horrible legal job market. The Atlantic relies on the Law School Tuition Blog. According to that blog, Mississippi laps the field in terms of bad job market for law school grads. The blog states that Mississippi has 10.53 law school graduates for every available… Continue Reading

Is There a Problem With Law School?

Posted in General, Law School
The New York Times reported yesterday on the ABA’s “Task Force on the Future of Legal Education.” I’m not sure why we need a “task force” to tell us that there are too many lawyers and many law schools are too expensive. Why not a “strike team” or an “action group”? Other professions call stuff… Continue Reading

Revamp Law School Curriculum? Not So Fast

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System, Law School
Should law schools change their curriculum? That was the focus of a New York Times editorial on Friday. The editorial states: Instead of a curriculum taught largely through professors’ grilling of students about appellate cases, some schools are offering more apprentice-style learning in legal clinics and more courses that train students for their multiple future roles… Continue Reading